My Journey


Hi, my name is Mary Sparks and I live on a 40-acre farm with my husband of 39 years David Sparks. We have many animals that keep our lives busy and interesting; it is Never A Dull Moment (NADM). I have been training dogs and clients for 36 years.

I started training dogs in 1982, beginning in AKC Conformation with Great Danes. Along the way I discovered Obedience. I put a Breed Championship on my First Great Dane Callie, an Open Obedience Title (CDX), a Temperament Test Title (TT), and Therapy Dog Certification. We had been trialing in Utility when one night she bloated and died. I have had several Great Danes and couldn't handle them dying at such young ages, I decided to try another breed. I got a Portuguese Water Dog, then added a Vizsla, and next a Jack Russell (my son didn't want anymore). I had a Meat Goat Business and couldn't handle 300 - 400 goats. So, I bought a trained Herding Border Collie, and that was the best decision I could have made. I couldn't have run the farm without John.

Having titled dogs in the Working, Sporting, Terrier, and Herding groups, I decided I would title dogs from all 7 AKC Groups. I have reached that goal, achieving titles with these breeds: Working-Great Danes and Portuguese Water Dogs, Sporting-Vizslas, Herding- Border Collies, Terrier- Jack Russell, Hound-Miniature Dachshund, Non-Sporting-Lowchen, and Toy-Chinese Crested, Powder Puff.

I have loved and learned a lot from training my different breeds, attending seminars, participating in training camps, and helping people train their dogs as well. In addition, I have hosted seminars and NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) Agility Trials in the past. I received my training certification from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), graduating from the inaugural group. For my next chapter, I am hosting Barn Hunt Trials and North American Dock Diving Trials. They will start in the Spring and Summer of 2019. Check my Calendar for event dates. I will also be starting classes and private lessons in the above sports, as well as classes for managing your dog in everyday life.